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9 Unexpected Findings from Skyhigh’s Latest Cloud Report

Last week, Skyhigh published its latest Cloud Adoption and Risk Report (download a free copy here). The report is based on the anonymized cloud usage of more than 30 million employees who work at companies worldwide, making it one of the most authoritative sources on how people use cloud services in the workplace. Unlike the [...]

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CIO Corner: Failing to Prepare for Cloud Is Preparing to Fail

CIOs are responsible for preparing their companies for new technologies, which should mean they are comfortable with change. And yet cloud has proved to be such a transformational technology that many companies have lagged behind the adoption curve to the detriment of user productivity and security. In this week’s CIO Corner, we look at how [...]

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Update: Companies Pay for Cybersecurity Failures

Yahoo Fallout Begins The largest data breach in history does not just go away. Victims are already feeling the consequences of Yahoo’s data breach, which impacted 500 million user accounts. Fraudsters are targeting breach victims with fake offers in the first of what will likely be years of fallout. The real risk for companies is [...]

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Cyber Security Training – Top 12 Resources

As more organizations hire information security professionals to help protect their data from breaches, demand for these roles has far outpaced the supply of skilled talent. With the cyber security industry estimated to grow from $75 billion in 2015 to $170 billion by 2020, the gap will continue to widen. Globally, there are more than [...]

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17 Security Criteria to Look at When Evaluating a Cloud Service

Rank and file employees are pushing for greater adoption of cloud services to improve their own performance and deliver business growth, creating pressure on IT organizations to assess the security of these applications before permitting their use. A recent survey conducted by the Cloud Security Alliance found that, on average, IT professionals receive 10.6 requests [...]

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Putting IT at the Center of Business

There’s no way around the fact that the role of the chief information officer has its stressful moments. Between the threat of data breaches and outages, the CIO role could seem like a firefighter-in-chief position. Yet CIOs have come a long way from exclusively dealing with operations maintenance. CIOs today can add outpacing the competition, [...]

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13 Box Security Best Practices

As one of the most widely used file sharing SaaS platforms, Box was built from ground up with Enterprises’ security needs in mind. There are a lot of out-of-the-box features that Box admins should utilize to make the most of Box’s built-in security capabilities. For example, we all know the wisdom behind requiring users to [...]

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The Top 5 IT Security Skills for the Next 5 Years

At one time time, the IT department was perceived as a back office support function. Unlike the sales or marketing departments, there didn’t exist a direct correlation between IT spending and revenue. Today’s enterprise operates in a different landscape. Executives now view information as a competitive advantage and the IT department as the driver of [...]

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CIO Corner: Closing the Skills Gap

In the technology arms race, skilled professionals may be the weak link. IT tools have evolved to better protect data and detect threats. Now, IT departments’ greatest weakness appears to be a shortage of employees with the right skills to implement these tools. In this week’s CIO Corner, we take a look at what CIOs [...]

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4 Best Incident Responses of All Time

When you look at the worst responses to data breaches, one thing becomes clear: when an incident response makes a breach worse it is usually characterized by a lack of preparation before the breach and poor execution of a response plan after the breach. However, not all breaches result in millions of dollars in fines [...]

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