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CIO Corner: Failing to Prepare for Cloud Is Preparing to Fail

CIOs are responsible for preparing their companies for new technologies, which should mean they are comfortable with change. And yet cloud has proved to be such a transformational technology that many companies have lagged behind the adoption curve to the detriment of user productivity and security. In this week’s CIO Corner, we look at how [...]

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Update: Companies Pay for Cybersecurity Failures

Yahoo Fallout Begins The largest data breach in history does not just go away. Victims are already feeling the consequences of Yahoo’s data breach, which impacted 500 million user accounts. Fraudsters are targeting breach victims with fake offers in the first of what will likely be years of fallout. The real risk for companies is [...]

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Cyber Security Training – Top 12 Resources

As more organizations hire information security professionals to help protect their data from breaches, demand for these roles has far outpaced the supply of skilled talent. With the cyber security industry estimated to grow from $75 billion in 2015 to $170 billion by 2020, the gap will continue to widen. Globally, there are more than [...]

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