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8 AWS CloudTrail Best Practices for Governance, Compliance, and Auditing

The recent AWS data leaks from the Verizon (via Nice Systems), the RNC (via Deep Root Analytics), and Dow Jones have once again highlighted the lack of awareness organizations have displayed around the shared responsibility model for security that AWS operates under. Nobody can reasonably question Amazon’s commitment to the security of its IaaS, as evidenced by the myriad of services [...]

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Skyhigh Discovers Super Sneaky Brute Force Attack on High-Value O365 Accounts

Companies today have to contend with cyberattackers who are using increasingly innovative ways to gain illicit access to corporate data. Since early 2017, Skyhigh has been tracking a brute force login attack on multiple enterprise customers. Using a set of corporate user names and passwords, as well as compromised hosted tenants, the attackers launched brute [...]

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