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Eight Security Capabilities You Need to Protect Your Amazon Web Services Infrastructure

The worldwide infrastructure as a service (IaaS) public cloud market grew 31 percent in 2016 to total $22.1 billion, up from $16.8 billion in 2015, and is expected to show the fastest growth over the next five years compared to platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS), according to Gartner. With increasing adoption of IaaS platforms, we also see [...]

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What is a CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker)?

Cloud access security brokers (CASB) are on-premises or cloud-hosted software that sit between cloud service consumers and cloud service providers to enforce security, compliance, and governance policies for cloud applications. CASBs help organizations extend the security controls of their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. What Is a CASB? from Skyhigh Networks on Vimeo. While some CASB [...]

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Tokenization vs Encryption

Tokenization and encryption are often mentioned together as means to secure information when it’s being transmitted on the Internet or stored at rest. In addition to helping to meet your organization’s own data security policies, they can both help satisfy regulatory requirements such as those under PCI DSS, HIPAA-HITECH, GLBA, ITAR, and the EU GDPR. While tokenization and encryption are [...]

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