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The Cloud Security Use Cases that Put Enterprise Data at Risk

Enterprises around the world are adopting the cloud at an increasing pace to provide their employees with services that increase productivity and their customers with new digital experiences that drive business growth. In the process, sensitive enterprise data is increasingly created, stored, and shared in the cloud and it is therefore exposed to new threats [...]

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – One Year Later

Since May 25, 2018, on which GDPR became enforceable, in the 28 countries of the European Union (EU), the GDPR has set up significant new standards for privacy all over the world.  So, what has happened this past year? I’d say that privacy has come of age – from an area that was not a [...]

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Three Ways to Integrate Active Directory with Your Saas Applications

The tendency of SaaS applications to be siloed has made identity management, user access and authorization an increasing challenge. The task of onboarding users is a time-intensive, manual process that involves administrators across multiple departments, which can introduce risk. Additionally, in most enterprises, Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is the authoritative user directory that governs access to [...]

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Top 8 Identity & Access Management Challenges with Your Saas Application

The Importance of Identity for SaaS Applications The enterprise cloud revolution is here. IT organizations everywhere, from small and mid-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies, are moving from on-premises software to on-demand, cloud-based services. As enterprise IT makes this transition to a new hybrid on-demand/on-premises configuration, controlling who is granted access to which applications becomes [...]

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Migrating User Data? Avoid Becoming the Next Infamous Migration Disaster

Recent history tells us that data migrations are fraught with potential risks. Whether your company is adopting new software, integrating a new operating system, or moving from a legacy system to the cloud, migrating data requires meticulous planning that covers all the bases. Skipping any of the processes, tools, and tests necessary for a successful [...]

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Cloud Security Governance, Risk and Compliance

Protecting against cyberthreats and the whole cybersecurity landscape is changing fast, with new threats and vulnerabilities appearing daily. Gartner’s 2019 Audit Key Risks and Priorities Survey showed 77% of audit departments plan to cover cybersecurity detection and prevention in audit activities. To make sure their data network is secure, businesses need to face security risks and protect [...]

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The Key to a Secure Digital Transformation Is Data Insight

The pressure is on for IT leadership to guide their organizations through digital transformation. Cloud services compose the modern toolbox for IT to accelerate and enable their businesses. Cloud platforms power more agile product development, better customer service, and big data processing solutions that can create a company’s competitive edge. Digital transformation does not work [...]

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When Sharing isn’t Caring – Secure Your Cloud Collaboration

Our data lives in the cloud, and as we learned in our latest Cloud Adoption & Risk Report, nearly a quarter of it requires protection to limit our risk. However, the risk of exposure is counter to one of the key tenets of many cloud services—collaboration. Cloud storage services like Box, or productivity suites like Office [...]

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Cloud Security Risks– It’s not black and white

The people writing software for self-driving cars are having difficulties. Telling a car to stop at a red light is relatively easy, but recent articles have pointed out the difficulties of merging into fast moving traffic, dealing with roundabouts and updated roadwork.  In IT security we experience some of the same issues – the basic [...]

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Cloud Computing Security Risks Breakdown

The use of cloud services is ubiquitous—we’ve seen this rise over the past decade to the point where many of our organizations couldn’t function today without the cloud. Critical to this growth is the understanding that data, and most importantly sensitive data, now lives in the cloud and must be protected. In our last survey [...]

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