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Cloud Usage Governance

Cloud usage is rising exponentially. The number of Cloud Services is increasing approximately 20-25% every quarter. Cloud Services have made a very strong business out of making them easy to sign up to, easy to use, with terrific and engaging user experiences. They are funky and fun with a “Wow” factor often missing from in-house [...]

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Bringing Shadow IT into the light at the NZ Cloud Computing Conference

The 2015 Cloud computing conference is on in Auckland on the 7th of September, 2015, in Auckland Robin Whitaker from Resultex will be speaking at the conference on Shadow IT. Robin's presentations "Bringing Shadow IT into the light" will cover topics such as: • How big is the problem? - Quantifying the use of shadow [...]

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Common Data Security Questions CISOs Ask Their Teams

As many CISOs will tell you, IT security today is all about protecting data, not data centers. This data-centric view is largely a product of data moving to the cloud and mobile and it’s so relevant today that Gartner focuses on this in their latest research on protecting data in the cloud. In their latest [...]

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The top 10 high-risk cloud services you should consider blocking

Across more than 10,000 cloud services available today,  only 9.3% meet requirements of large enterprises for data protection, identity verification, service security, business practices, and legal protection. While 91% of providers encrypt data in transit between the cloud service and end user, just 10% encrypt data stored at rest in the cloud. Only 15% support [...]

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