Find out if your cloud services comply with the GCIO’s 105 questions the easy way

GCIO Cloud Computing Information Security and Privacy Considerations assessment tool (aka the 105 questions), is time consuming and expensive to complete. Resultex can save you the cost of this by answering most of the 98 vendor questions for you. Best of all, New Zealand Government agencies can get secure access to all vendor reports made for any other agency saving you time and money.

How it works

  • Get instant access to all cloud service assessments completed for NZ government agencies to date that have been contributed to the workspace.
  • Order 5 of your own custom assessments.
  • Continue to take advantage of all new assessments for 12 months.

Get 12 months access now for $15,000

That is $3k per assessment, a fraction of the normal cost to have the 105 questions answered by a consultant or BA, and as our library of reports expands as more Agencies come on board, the cost per report plummets

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