Discover cloud apps which are putting your business at risk

There could be hundreds of cloud applications running in your business that you don’t know about. Uncover all cloud services in use including SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS, and understand usage with detailed statistics including service access count, upload and download volume, and user count.

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Case Study

Cisco Case Study

Cisco Case Study

Learn how Cisco uses Skyhigh to gain a comprehensive view into all cloud services in use to improve security and license utilization.

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Gartner Report: Unprotected Cloud File Shares and Shadow IT Threaten Data Security


How 200 Organizations Flipped Shadow IT from Concern Into Opportunity

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Data breaches in the cloud don’t look like the on-premises breaches we’re used to, where malware infiltrates the network and reaches endpoint devices, siphoning out data to a command and control location. In the cloud, [...]

Detecting and Preventing Insider Threats in the Cloud

As cloud use in the enterprise has evolved, so have cloud security priorities. Organizations are less worried about unauthorized consumer cloud applications and are more concerned about the security of sensitive data in strategic enterprise [...]